Services: Site Investigations

The scope and complexity of environmental site investigations can vary greatly depending on the clients’ needs and the physical conditions of their sites. KPRG has performed site investigations for clients throughout the country under a variety of geologic/ hydrogeologic conditions.

The scope of site investigations which we have performed ranges from as small as a Phase II Environmental Site Assessment soil sampling program, to state-led voluntary cleanup program investigations, through full-scale remedial investigations in support of CERCLA (Superfund) or RCRA (RCRA Facility Investigation) issues. Our approach to developing an appropriate and cost effective site investigation integrates the client’s objectives, regulatory requirements, other stakeholder objectives and the physical site conditions.

We actively use new, cutting edge investigative techniques to assist in streamlining the site investigation process as well as standard site investigation technologies to achieve meeting the client’s goals in the most expedient and cost effective manner.

Some of the site investigation technologies/ tools used by KPRG include:

  • Geoprobe and standard soil borings
  • Monitoring well installation (auger, rotary, reverse rotary, air, dual tube and sonic drilling technologies)
  • Multi-port wells
  • Geophysical surveys
  • Soil gas surveys
  • Surface water/ sediment sampling (open water and off-shore)
  • Ground water sampling
  • Soil sampling
  • Slug tests
  • Pumping tests
  • Field screening (volatiles and metals)
  • Portable field laboratory support for real-time data
  • Downhole logging
  • Cone penetrometer testing
  • Well water use surveys
  • Tracer studies
  • Ground water modeling (analytical and numeric)
  • Contaminant transport/ receptor evaluations
  • Aerial photography and remote sensing technologies
  • Geotechnical sampling