Services: Asbestos Assessment

The use of asbestos minerals in building products has historically been an environmental concern for both health effects from exposure and liability considerations. In fact, the OSHA Asbestos Standard for General Industry requires facility owners to identify the presence, location, and quantity of presumed asbestos-containing materials (ACM) in all facilities built before 1981. The assessment and quantification for the presence of ACM is a regulated environmental practice performed by specially trained, accredited and qualified licensed professionals. KPRG personnel hold current licenses to conduct these assessments.

ACM assessments are commonly used in advance of real-estate transactions to determine if these materials possess a health risk or business liability. Commonly, KPRG is called upon to perform an Asbestos Assessment in tandem with a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment. These assessments are also required before a demolition permit is issued, prior to the initiation of any redevelopment activities. KPRG uses strict inspection and sampling protocols to assess conditions. The results are converted into a user-friendly report that can be developed into remedial planning and bid documents. This is very useful in determining property value versus environmental liability.

If the determination is made that removal or repair of ACM is needed, it can be expensive. KPRG often serves as the building owner’s representative to assist in the bidding process and evaluation of costs. KPRG also offers project management services to assure a successful project is delivered quickly and cost effectively.