Sectors: Scrap Metal

KPRG and Associates, Inc. has a thorough understanding of the specialized needs, unique business objectives, and operating parameters involved with the scrap metal recycling industry. Having worked with more than 200 automobile salvage and scrap-metal recycling operations across the United States, we recognize that companies must develop strategic plans for compliance and create a set of checks and balances to ensure regulatory requirements are met without fail, because failure is just too costly. KPRG is a leader in providing environmental consulting services to the scrap metal industry with practical and effective contemporary plans and best practices for today’s operations.

Our intimate knowledge of the scrap recycling, automotive salvage and the steel-making industries allows us to be a single source of comprehensive problem solving. What makes KPRG different from other consulting firms is our ability to develop and streamline programs at the yard level. It is our commitment to quality and identifying improved practices that gives our clients the confidence and the satisfaction to use our services again and again. Here are just some of the issues we can help you address:

  • Environmental matters related to mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, and corporate risk management.
  • Safety Management Systems including:
    • Comprehensive site safety plans
    • Training
    • Compliance audits
    • Hazard Identification and Control
    • Behavioral safety training
  • Negotiations with regulatory agencies.
  • Site assessments, risk-based closures, and multimedia remediation under various regulatory programs ranging from CERCLA, TSCA and RCRA to state voluntary cleanup programs.
  • Environmental and safety regulatory compliance and risk management through training or implementing outsourced management programs.
  • Air, wastewater and stormwater permit applications.
  • Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans.
  • SPCC Plans, and other prevention plans and training for facility to self-implement plans.
  • Inbound source-control program development.
  • Automobile shredder residue processing and testing.
  • Emergency Management Planning and Reporting
  • CFC Compliance Programs
  • Design and construction of engineered site controls including:
    • Engineered barriers
    • Storage pads
    • Stormwater controls
    • Sumps and ponds
Scrap metal
Scrap Metal