Staff: Richard R. Gnat, P.G.

Mr. Gnat is a Principal and founder of the Brookfield, Wisconsin office. He has over 38 years of professional experience in environmental site investigation and remediation. Site investigation experience has included over 100 projects as the technical lead for the planning and implementation of CERCLA Remedial Investigations/Feasibility Studies (RI/FSs), RCRA Facility Investigations (RFIs), site investigations in support of industrial/brownfield property transactions, UST investigations and landfill siting studies. Investigation methods have included soil/bedrock drilling, monitoring well installation/sampling, use of field screening technologies and in-field analytical laboratories to guide real-time field decisions, well tests (single and multiple well) and geophysical surveys. Mr. Gnat’s soil remediation experience has included developing and managing a variety of large-scale projects including both in-situ and ex-situ soil treatment technologies such as solidification, stabilization, chemical oxidation and bioremediation. Among the most recent was the in-situ treatment of approximately 11,000 cubic yards of metals and volatile organic solvent impacted soils using a combination of stabilization, enhanced thermal stripping and chemical oxidation. Groundwater remediation projects have included interceptor trenches, augmentation of in-situ biodegradation, pump and treat systems, in-situ chemical oxidation and the use of natural attenuation evaluations to meet cleanup objectives. Impaired property transfer/transaction support includes over 100 Phase I/II ESAs for clients throughout the country, Central America and England. Currently Mr. Gnat is also involved with a number of brownfield property transaction projects in southeastern Wisconsin, including a property redevelopment from an old manufacturing facility to an athletic club and medical clinic. He is assisting electrical power generation clients in Illinois and Wisconsin on a variety of issues including coal combustion residual (CCR) management. He served as part of a Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR) rule making committee associated with the development of brownfield grant eligibility requirements and scoring guidelines for evaluating grant submittals. He also served on a consultant committee providing input into the WDNR Remediation and Redevelopment program.
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