Resume: David G. Pyles, P.G.

Office: (630) 325-1300
Fax: (630) 325-1593

Areas of Professional Practice:

  • Project Management
  • Site Characterization
  • Remedial Design
  • Remedial Construction
  • Remedial System O & M
  • Risk Based Corrective Action
  • Environmental Compliance & Strategies
  • Apportionment Negotiations
  • Risk Management
  • Waste Water Permitting and Treatment
  • Groundwater Investigations
  • Pipeline Services & Environmental Management
  • Spill Response/Haz-Materials
  • Agency Negotiations
  • Phase I/II Due Diligence & Reporting
  • Litigation Support/Expert Witness
  • Asbestos Surveys & Management
  • RCRA Unit and Landfill Closures

Experience Summary:

Over forty (40) years of environmental/hazardous waste consulting and remedial project management experience throughout the United States.  His career experience started as hydrogeologist for United States Geological Survey, Water Resource Division’s Nuclear Waste Isolation Program. In this position he performed hydrogeologic tests to characterize the saturated zone of select host rocks for the high-level radioactive waste isolation program. Performed a wide range of technical activities for a private well drilling contractor in central Iowa. This portion of Mr. Pyles career provided unique experience with a wide variety of well designs and construction protocols for environmental studies. His involvement with these projects also included aquifer characterization, environmental, and geological sampling and reporting.  Mr. Pyles has performed countless Phase I environmental due diligence assessments and Phase II site investigations for a wide variety of private, commercial and industrial clients. In addition to working with the U.S.G.S. Mr. Pyles  additional public sector consulting activities included technical management for the U.S. EPA, under the technical assistance team contract which was responsible for responding to numerous uncontrolled chemical releases throughout the northern Midwest.

Private sector consulting experience includes a strong background in environmental project management with problem assessment and definition, investigations, remedial design and treatment studies to remediate impacted soils, sediments, soil gas vapors and groundwater. Mr. Pyles has specialized expertise in chemical behavior and distribution fate in both granular materials and fractured geological media including fractured sedimentary and crystalline rocks, karst and structured clayey strata. This portion of Mr. Pyles consulting work commonly includes comprehensive project management, remedial strategy development and selection, budget and planning, remedial action plan preparation and implementation while working with clients interests and budgets and addressing regulatory related requirements and opinions. These types of projects are commonly multi-tasked turnkey efforts that use an integrated approach with a wide-variety of technical disciplines. These technical skills have resulted in efficient project work that has produced numerous successful site closures. Mr. Pyles has diversified consulting experience in developing and defining environmental compliance strategies and cost estimates for commercial and industrial real estate acquisitions and developments, voluntary site investigations and remediations under the IEPA SRP, RCRA landfill/lagoon investigations and unit closures. Mr. Pyles has installed geotextile membrane liners, landfill cap and covers and has provided the construction management of  remediation systems, wastewater treatment plants and its operation.

Mr. Pyles has developed quality assurance programs, implemented statistical sampling programs, conducted baseline and compliance monitoring. Mr. Pyles has provided environmental consulting and related support field services and testing for the pipeline industry, storage fields and terminals.   His education, diverse set of environmental skill, career experiences and impeccable safety record is often used in evaluation and support of legal matters, apportionment negotiations and expert testimony.


  • B.A., Earth Sciences – Geology – Drake University
  • M.S., Water Resources – Geology – Iowa State University
  • Certified Professional Geological Scientist (AIPG#7364)
  • Professional Geologist-State of Illinois (Cert. #196000356)
  • Professional Geologist-State of Indiana (Cert. #747)
  • Professional Geologist-State of S. Carolina (Reg. #421)
  • President American Institute of Geologist IL/IN Section
  • Past National Vice-President American Institute of Professional Geologist
  • OSHA – Certified Level B Supervisor (Current)
  • State of Illinois Licensed Asbestos Inspector (100-08878)
  • State of Missouri Asbestos Inspector (7011040617MOII19077)
  • State of Arkansas asbestos Inspector (016186)
  • ISNetworld (ISN-xxx-1981)
  • Three Rivers Manufacturers Association (Safety#107381)
  • TWIC Credentialed (xxxx_5091)

Employment History:

  • 1994 – Present / KPRG and Associates, Inc.
  • 1993 – 1994 / Fred G. Krikau and Associates, Inc.
  • 1989 – 1993 / Environmental Restoration Systems
  • 1984 – 1989 / Roy F. Weston, Inc.
  • 1981 – 1982 / Thorpe Well Company
  • 1980 – 1981 / United States Geological Survey, Water Division-Nuclear Waste Isolation Program


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