Staff: David G. Pyles, P.G.

Mr. Pyles is a co-founder of the company and a Principal in the Westmont, Illinois office. He has over forty (40) years of environmental/hazardous waste consulting/project management experience throughout the United States. He is trained and experienced as a hydrogeologist for the United States Geological Survey, Water Resource Division, Nuclear Waste Isolation Program, performing hydrogeologic tests to characterize the saturated zone of select host rocks for the high-level radioactive waste isolation program. He also has experience with design, installation, and construction of environmental and municipal wells. Mr. Pyles has provided technical management and consulting to the U.S. EPA under the Technical Assistance Team (TAT) contract. Mr. Pyles was responsible for responding to numerous uncontrolled chemical releases. These response actions required rapid assessment of impacted media and the performance of countless emergency remedial actions. Mr. Pyles’ private consulting experience has included a broad spectrum of complex environmental issues.

His private consulting experience includes effective problem assessments and evaluation, design, management and implementation of environmental investigations and remedial solutions, control measures; underground storage tank installation and removal, release mitigation/corrective action, budget development, contracting and, regulatory negotiations and legal stewardship. Mr. Pyles is the lead Principal of KPRG’s pipeline services work group providing environmental field support services and related assessment, testing and engineering services. Mr. Pyles has specialized expertise in chemical behavior and its distribution fate in both granular materials and fractured geological media including fractured sedimentary and crystalline rocks, karst and structured clayey strata. This applied consulting experience is routinely used to develop and define environmental conditions, develop clean-up objectives and regulatory negotiations leading ultimately to remedial strategy development and selection, budget & planning, remedial action plan preparation and implementation. These projects are commonly multi-tasked turnkey efforts that use an integrated approach with a wide variety of technical disciplines. These technical skills have resulted in efficient project work that has produced numerous successful site closures.

Mr. Pyles is a licensed Professional Geologist, Past IL/IN Section President and National Vice-President  and Board Member of the American Institute of Professional Geologists. Mr. Pyles is often requested to provide critical review, expert opinion and testimony in support of the Geological profession, with the evaluation of environmental legal issues and litigation process. In addition to providing expert opinion and testimony, Mr. Pyles is routinely called upon to develop comprehensive quality assurance programs, statistical sampling programs, baseline and compliance monitoring.

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